Our services in industry

  • HSE Manager

    HSE Manager

    HSE Manager : The Hygiene Safety Environment (HSE) manager or engineer is the guarantor within the company, of compliance with…


  • Building Site Pilot

    Building Site Pilot

    The Building Site Pilot : The Building Site Pilot provides liaison and coordination between all those involved in the construction…


  • Site Manager

    Site Manager

    The Site Manager : The site manager is present at all phases of the construction site and he is in…


  • Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Project Manager : The Project Manager is the first client's point of contact, working in close collaboration with him in…


  • Process and Methods Engineering

    Process and Methods Engineering

    The Process and Methods Engineer : A process and methods engineer is at the crossroads of workshops, offices and the…


  • Shift Supervisor

    Shift Supervisor

    The Shift Supervisor : The Shift Supervisor or Shift Manager is directly linked to the production part of the factory.…


  • Commissioning


    Commissioning : The commissioning engineer is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the installations and settings in order to…


  • Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    The Civil Engineering: Designing, constructing or rehabilitating buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering structures essential to the activities of men are…


  • Electrical Assembly Supervision

    Electrical Assembly Supervision

    The Electrical Assembly Supervisor : The Electrical Assembly Supervisor is part of the site team during the construction phase, he…