Mechanical Assembly Supervision

The Mechanical Assembly Supervisor : 

The Mechanical Assembly Supervisor is part of the site team during the construction phase, and works on all mechanical assembly work. His missions consist in coordinating the mechanical assembly activities of the subcontractors by ensuring that the mechanical assembly work is carried out according to the contract and respects the specifications. He also ensures the good quality of mechanical assembly work, whether in structure or equipment, as well as compliance with the work execution schedule. He verifies compliance with safety procedures with regard to mechanical assembly and of all trades, then informs the teams of the control office of the progress of the different phases of the site to be inspected. He actively participates in site meetings with the teams of subcontractors and informs himself of the reception of the CW works and the level positions of the solid supports for the mechanical assembly. He must ensure that the documentation relating to mechanical equipment conforms to the equipment assembled on site and prepare for start-up by analyzing the maintenance manuals provided by suppliers with a critical mind. He can participate in the start-up tests with the supplier's teams and is a force for proposals for the development and development of maintenance procedures.