Electrical Assembly Supervision

The Electrical Assembly Supervisor :

The Electrical Assembly Supervisor is part of the site team during the construction phase, he works on all of the Electrical Assembly and automation work. His missions consist in coordinating, when necessary, the electrical assembly and automation activities of subcontractors. He must ensure that the electrical assembly and automation works are carried out according to the contract and respects the specifications, that the plans as constructed are submitted in accordance with the reality of the terrain and request control of the conformity of the works to the plans. and the rules of the art, if necessary. He must also ensure compliance with the work execution schedule and verify compliance with safety procedures with regard to electrical assembly and automation work. He can go as far as supporting the teams of the Control Office in their verification work. The electrical and automation assembly supervisor actively participates in meetings of the project team, but also in the development of maintenance procedures and the integration of all the equipment installed. He is in close collaboration with the Site Manager.