Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering:

Designing, constructing or rehabilitating buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering structures essential to the activities of men are part of the missions of the civil engineer. When placing an order, the civil engineer begins by carrying out the complete study of the preliminary project. He analyzes all the factors in relation with the construction, taking into account the environment, the habitat and the economy of the area concerned. His presence on the ground allows it to make topographic and geological surveys that will determine the feasibility of the project as well as the most suitable methods and materials to carry it out. The Civil Engineer then takes care of the calculations and simulations, the call for tenders and the selection of subcontractors. He examines the plans and modifies them if necessary. He ensures compliance with standards and regulations, paying particular attention to the safety of workers and the public. He also ensures that the progress of the work corresponds to the deadlines and drafts the reports intended for the client. The role of the civil engineer is crucial to the success of a project.