About us


International Manag'Men in the world

Since 2000, International Manag'Men has contributed to the realization of major industrial and environmental projects in Europe and worldwide.

Thus, we have recently worked in India, Azerbaijan, Norway (Spitsbergen), Denmark, United Kingdom, Mauritania, Guyana, Martinique etc.

International Manag'Men puts the expertise of its specialists at the disposal of its customers in various sectors of activity:


engineering - construction - civil engineering - networks - gas terminals


cement factories - food factories - power plants - incinerators


water treatment

Technical assistance

  • icon_01Project managementTechnical support prior to the project, site monitoring, contract management, inspection, reorganization and supervision of a response team etc.
  • icon_03Quality ControlAssistance to an intervention team facing various problems (delay, security, compliance, quality ect).
  • icon_05Team managementStart-up team of an industrial installation and assistance in training for the operation and maintenance of industrial units etc.
  • icon_07Administrative assistanceAdministrative assistance to a foreign company (invoicing, accounting, receipting etc.).